Laura Collison


Laura is an accredited and highly experienced primary school teacher with focussed expertise in the area of social and emotional learning.

She developed her enthusiasm for helping children with their wellbeing while practising as the social and emotional wellbeing teacher at a local primary school. Laura is an experienced and practising tutor in both educational and wellbeing outcomes and has experienced high levels of success with her students.

She is a trained and practising yogi with a deep love and passion for promoting the wellbeing of children and teenagers and is a loving mother to two beautiful boys.

Laura has the unique ability to create meaningful and lasting relationships with the children she works with, which is vital to ensuring each child receives the most from her teaching.

Karina Cousins


A qualified primary school teacher with international experience, Karina is currently completing a Diploma in Mindfulness for Children.

As a mother of 3, Karina is passionate about her commitment to emotional wellness, creating positivity and contentment in young minds through our powerful program.

Social demands on today’s youth have reached new heights in the last decade and Karina expertly engages with children from a vast array of cultural and economic backgrounds, dedicating herself to reaching untapped potential with outstanding results.