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Well- Beginnings

Well- Beginnings is a 5 week wellbeing program targeted at students in years 1 to 4.

Well-Beginnings teaches your students emotional awareness and regulation as well as social skills and tools to build positive relationships.

There are 5 core areas taught over the five weeks including emotional awareness and regulation, building positive relationships, resilience, confidence and self-worth.

These core areas will support the students to develop and sustain a more confident view of themselves, their worth, strengths and abilities as well as positive communication and interaction habits.

Weekly sessions include educational content, skill development practice, and breathing and mindfulness techniques.

Well-Beginnings can be differentiated to meet the needs of the individuals within the small group.

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Well-I-AM is an 8-week emotional wellbeing program targeted at students in years 5 to 12.

Well-I-AM delivers engaging education, supporting your students to develop knowledge, understanding and practices to take control of their own emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

Integral to this is the education of emotional awareness and regulation, practical instruction to build resilience, confidence and self-worth, and the provision of tangible skills and strategies that our youths can develop to help them manage their own stress, anxiety, worry and general mental health.

Physical activity and nutrition are taught to provide our youths with the best chance at becoming the healthiest versions of themselves possible.

Well-I-AM can be differentiated to meet the specific needs of the individuals in the group.

Separate programs are held for young women and men.

Expected Outcomes:

Evidence has shown that at the completion of this program the participants are better able to identify and regulate their emotions, have increased levels of resilience and confidence, and are better able to navigate friendships and relationships.

Participants are more able to manage their stress and anxiety, can respond in a positive way to conflicts that arise and are more aware of the negative impacts of social medias, particularly on body image and self-confidence.

We are most proud of the growth of self-worth among our participants. Over 95% describe an increase in their self-identified levels of worth, and this is usually evidenced in both the home and school environments.

To book Well-I-AM at your school, or for more information, please contact us.

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Well Education delivers 2 workshops to primary and high schools students.

Well-Empowered: Tansition to High School with Confidence

This workshop empowers students in years 6 and 7 with knowledge and skills to move into the next chapter of their lives with confidence, resilience and a deeper sense of self-worth!

Positive body image, navigating the changing scope of friendships and embracing change are interwoven with emotional regulation, resilience, confidence and self-worth in this interactive workshop.

Separate workshops are held for young women and men.


Well-In-Me: Confidence, Body Image and Social Media

This 2 hour workshop is targeted at young women in Stage 3 through to Year 12.

The focus is on empowering these young women with knowledge and tools to be able to view themselves in light of what ‘healthy’ looks like for them while exposing the lies they are bombarded with on social media. True self-confidence is taught with a focus on self-worth and embracing the things that make them so worthy beautiful and unique.

This workshop is a snapshot of the material contained in the Well-I-AM program.

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