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At Well Education we are passionate about developing successful young people who thrive in today’s high pressure modern society. How? Through education, awareness and strategies that support, develop and promote emotional and physical wellbeing. A person cannot perform to the best of their ability in any area of life if they are emotionally compromised. At Well Education we are experts in managing youth and teenagers, empowering them to be strong, both emotionally and physically.

We offer a range of programs that target age appropriate areas of emotional and physical need. We utilise education to inspire our youth to take control of their own mental wellbeing. We believe prevention is key to developing healthy emotional and physical practises which achieve wellness, and the key to prevention is education.

Please browse our programs page to see how we can help your child achieve to the best of their ability and reach a place of optimum emotional wellbeing. Please touch base through our contact page to reserve your child’s place in our next available programs.


Thank You for having Miss N as part of your course. It has been amazing for her and from the last 10 weeks she has learnt valuable lessons that she can use throughout her life. You have taught her the power of positivity and helped her see her self-worth- I can't tell you how much that means.

J & N

My twin girls (aged 10) have been attending Laura’s class for 10 weeks I have seen them blossom, particularly in the areas of social and emotional well-being. My girls are being more Mindful in making positive choices, whether it be their nutrition or social situations. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Laura for having such a positive influence on my girls.

E, K & S
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