Thank you for having Miss M as part of this course. Laura has given my daughter 10 weeks of learning about herself, who she is and who she wants to be. This course has equipped her with the tools she will need and use for many years to come. Having the booklet come home is fabulous as it will allow her to reference it when she needs. It also allowed me as a parent to get some extra insight into what my daughter was thinking. The nutrition component was amazing as hearing it from someone other than her parent makes it stick.

Laura is very kind and patient and genuinely wants to help these girls. She is easy to talk to and will talk to the girls on their level. My daughter has loved every moment of this program and both of us would thoroughly recommend this to any young girl. There is so much pressure on girls these days and this just helps them understand themselves better and give them the confidence to be themselves in this high pressure world we live in.

Thank you so much!!!

M & M

Since my son started the Well Education program I have seen lots of positive changes. One issue we always had was getting him to admit when he had done something wrong, he would often use blame. Since working with Laura he now not only accepts responsibility but tells us if he hasn’t done the right thing. I feel his confidence has been built and he has learnt lots of tools to deal with situations that arise.
I can’t recommend Well Education enough. Thanks Laura

M & C

It has been such an amazing journey for my daughter. We noticed progress even after the first session. When we left my daughter was crying and not wanting me to leave her and when I came to pick her up she was beaming and couldn't wait for the next week! Laura's calm and positive nature certainly eased my daughter's anxiety. The strategies taught in the sessions have been so helpful for my daughter in regulating her emotions and building her resilience. I highly recommend Well Education and it's program!

K & M

Thank You for having Miss N as part of your course. It has been amazing for her and from the last 10 weeks she has learnt valuable lessons that she can use throughout her life.
You have taught her the power of positivity and helped her see her self-worth- I can't tell you how much that means.

Absolutely recommend this course to everyone!

J & N

Well Education can benefit everyone, not only the young person but also the parent/carer. Laura is wonderful with the girls, she creates a safe and comfortable environment for the girls. Throughout the program she evokes areas for discussion that the girls can relate and reflect on their own behaviour. Laura gives the girls strategies and exercises to help them cope better with any situation that may arise.

Laura is very approachable and non-judgemental, she is able to discuss any issues that arise before or during the program. She is able to provide guidance, advice and understanding of the issues raised. Laura can even integrate the issue raised into the program which will hopefully influence reflection and ultimately improve outcomes.

I would recommend Well Education to anyone who wants to give their young person the resources to utilise when a difficult issue arises, ultimately benefiting what is a very difficult and trying time in a young person's life.

K & A

My twin girls (aged 10) have been attending Laura’s class for 10 weeks I have seen them blossom, particularly in the areas of social and emotional well-being. My girls are being more Mindful in making positive choices, whether it be their nutrition or social situations. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Laura for having such a positive influence on my girls.

E, K & S

What delightful young ladies. The ladies are friendly and welcoming and always make the girls feel welcome making them feel comfortable and relaxed from day 1. Their Well-I-Am program is a credit to them and I would recommend this program for all young ladies approaching adolescence.

J & T

Laura was so warm and friendly and cares a lot about the children doing her program. We learnt lots of useful strategies to deal with different situations that arise in school or at home. Laura goes above and beyond to look after the emotional wellbeing of the children. Thank you, thank you!

C & M

Laura is wonderful with the children. My son responded positively from the moment they met. The program covers areas my son needed most- confidence, resilience and how to handle bullying. We are so happy to have found Laura!

M & A

My child has gained the ability to realise her opinions and ideas are valued. She can verbalise her emotions better and discuss problems sooner with me. She has gained confidence and more self love. She is now more positive and seems happier in who she is and her situation.

J & C

This has been a very valuable course for my daughter. It has helped her name her emotions and find ways to address any problems so that they do not become overwhelming. The belly breathing has been great! Although I have tried to teach this to her in the past, she definitely listened to Laura more than she has to me.

K & P

Absolutely amazing and inspiring person to be able to teach strong life skills to girls between 10-14!!

C & N